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The list of Tx-R airplanes already includes some of the most popular electrics available from Flyzone, ElectriFly and Heli-Max® — and the number of Tx-R aircraft just keeps on growing. If the aircraft you’re looking for isn’t here yet, check back — it probably will be soon.

To learn more about any of the aircraft listed below click on the picture or product name to visit its webpage.


For many pilots, Tx-R micros offer the best of all possible worlds. You can fly them almost anywhere, indoors or out. They’re prebuilt for your convenience — and need only the AnyLink2 and your transmitter to be all-in-one complete.


All Tx-R micros include:

• Factory-assembled and finished airplane
• Installed motor, ESC, SLT receiver & servos
• LiPo flight battery
• LiPo battery charger
All require: SLT transmitter or AnyLink2 & compatible transmitter

P-38 Lightning

P-38 Lightning by Flyzone

Command the lightning!

Twin engines, twin tails and twin booms made the P-38 Lightning the most distinctive single-seat fighter of World War II. America’s top scoring ace and many others flew the Lightning throughout the war and now you can fly this ferocious fighter too!

Wingspan: 21 in (535 mm)
Stock #: FLZA2312

See the video Fact Sheet


Tiger Moth by Flyzone

Fly a legend!

Within minutes of opening the box you can be piloting the legendary DH 82 Tiger Moth biplane! Lots of molded-in details, along with an authentic trim scheme and 2 pilot figures, add to this model’s realistic appearance. An included 140mAh LiPo battery powers the Tiger Moth through smooth and steady flight, whether in your backyard, at a park or even inside a gymnasium.

Wingspan: 15.1 in (385 mm)
Stock #: FLZA2062

See the video Fact Sheet


S.E.5a by Flyzone

Fight for freedom!

The fully assembled Micro S.E.5a is small enough to fly indoors and you can show off its scale realism in light winds outside. From the detailed, molded-in wing ribs all the way down to a pair of machine guns, it’s like flying the full-size WWI fighter!

Wingspan: 14.3 in (363 mm)
Stock #: FLZA2052

See the video Fact Sheet


Albatros by Flyzone

Be a backyard ace!

Add your radio and you have everything you need to be a flying legend. The trim scheme and replica engine are already in place, with a machine gun and pilot for added realism. Charge the flight pack and you’re ready to take off!

Wingspan: 14.5 in (370 mm)
Stock #: FLZA2012

See the video Fact Sheet

F-86 Sabre Brushless

F-86 Sabre by ElectriFly

Fly a true micro EDF jet!

Molded-in panel and hatch lines. Factory-applied insignia and markings. The F-86 has those and more. But it’s more than a jet in looks alone; it’s a true jet experience in a 15” span package. It has a HyperFlow ducted fan to turn power from a brushless motor and ESC into “turn & burn” thrust. And three, 1.7 gram digital servos to lead it into sudden loops, quick rolls and thrilling, full-throttle flybys.

Wingspan: 15 in (381 mm)
Stock #: GPMA1771

See the video Fact Sheet


Playmate by Flyzone

Instant airtime — anywhere!

The only thing fancy about the Playmate are the scallops on white wing and tail. Otherwise, simplicity rules. A power pack is included and a power plant is installed. And finding a place to fly is a breeze. Ball fields, parks, playgrounds are always good…and when the weather’s not, the Playmate can turn any open indoor area into a first-class flying field.

Wingspan: 18.5 in (470 mm)
Stock #: FLZA2002

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Tx-R Park Flyers

They’re as complete and convenient as Tx-R micros, but sized for easier tracking in the air and making bigger impressions on the ground. They’re designed to command attention for their style as well as their powerful, versatile performance.


All Tx-R park flyers include:

• Factory-assembled and finished airplane
• Installed brushless motor & ESC
• SLT receiver
• Micro servos
• Most include LiPo battery & charger
All require: SLT transmitter or AnyLink2 & compatible transmitter. Tx-R Prime aircraft also require a LiPo battery and charger

Sport Park Flyers


Hadron by Flyzone

Fast and aerobatic!

With nearly all of their flying surfaces horizontal by design, flying wings are limited when it comes to yaw authority. The Flyzone Hadron stretches the envelope to include knife edge, violent spinning maneuvers and extreme aerobatics.

Wingspan: 33.5 in (850 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3612

See the video Fact Sheet

TidewaterTx-R Prime

Tidewater by Flyzone

Captain a seaplane!

Make the Tidewater your first — or next — float plane! Fast to assemble without using glue, it boosts your confidence with predictable flight characteristics and easy water handling. Takeoffs are a snap, whether from water, grass or by hand.

Wingspan: 41.5 in (1055 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3332

See the video Fact Sheet

ErazeTx-R Prime

Eraze by Flyzone

Fast forward into flight!

You can have the Eraze completely assembled less than 60 seconds after you open the box. That's less than a minute. But that's not surprising, because all you have to do is snap the rudder in place – and let the magnets do the rest.

Wingspan: 18.1 in (460 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3342

See the video Fact Sheet

Mini SwitchTx-R Prime

Mini Switch by Flyzone

2 planes in 1!

The Mini Switch lets you change between a low-wing and a high-wing mounting quickly and easily. Its compact size makes it easy to transport to and from the flight park without disassembling the plane. It changes the flying characteristics and the look of the model, both offer unique results in the air and on the ground.

Wingspan: low 31 in (785 mm), high 34 in (865 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3322

See the video Fact Sheet

Acro-Wot MKII

Tx-R Prime

Acro-Wot MkII™ by Flyzone

Pure sport fun.

The Acro-Wot MkII Tx-R makes no compromises: You get the best in contemporary looks, modern construction and classic sport performance. Its lightweight, molded AeroCell foam airframe offers outstanding durability, and carbon fiber-reinforced surfaces provide rigidity and true flight. Final assembly can be completed quickly with NO gluing — all you need are a screwdriver and pliers.

Wingspan: 49 in (1245 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3312

See the video Fact Sheet


Calypso™ EP Glider by Flyzone

Cruise on air.

Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso Tx-R excels as a first electric sailplane. Experienced glider pilots will enjoy its wide range of soaring performance, and may elect to use the optional flaps for more advanced thermal chasing. Made of durable AeroCell foam, the model includes an integrated landing wheel plus nose and tail skid plates. You’ll need nothing but a screwdriver for fast final assembly!

Wingspan: 73 in (1855 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3002

See the video Fact Sheet

Sensei™ Brushless

Sensei by Flyzone

Master the art of flying.

It’s everything you could want it a trainer and more. The styling is traditional, and the flight performance is gentle, stable and forgiving; in short, everything a trainer should be. But while the high-wing design is no surprise, the “Drop Door” and brushless motor/ESC combo are unexpected bonuses.

Wingspan: 58 in (1475 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3012

See the video Fact Sheet

Switch™ Brushless

Switch by Flyzone

High-wing trainer — or low-wing aerobat?

Some planes are one or the other; the Switch can be both. Mount the wing above the fuselage, and you have a super-stable trainer protected by the "Flyzone Success Guarantee". And once you’re comfortable behind the sticks, you need only move the wing to mid-fuselage to have an aerobatic trainer you already know and understand. Two planes, one name: Switch!

Wingspan: 45 in (1065 mm)
Stock #: FLZA3302

See the video Fact Sheet

Scale Park Flyers


F4U CorsairSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

F4U Corsair by Flyzone

Outmaneuver the enemy.

The Select Scale F4U Corsair is today’s best way to get behind the sticks of WWII’s “bent-wing bird.” It isn’t just transmitter-ready; it’s packed with extras, too. Rotating retracts and LED navigation lights are only the beginning. A replica radial engine, pilot figure and spinner hub add to the realism and fun.

Wingspan: 48.5 in (1230 mm)
Stock #: FLZA4032

See the video Fact Sheet

DHC-2 BeaverSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

DHC-2 Beaver by Flyzone

Start your adventure here.

Flyzone has brought back the most utilitarian aircraft ever produced, the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, as a Transmitter Ready model that’ll have you exploring the great outdoors in just minutes with your radio—yours. The model comes with the option to install fixed wheel landing gear for land or floats for water takeoffs and landings.

Wingspan: 59.5 in (1510 mm)
Stock #: FLZA4022

See the video Fact Sheet

Focke Wulf Fw-190 BrushlessSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

Focke Wulf Fw-190 by Flyzone

Combat on command.

Like the Luftwaffe original, the Focke Wulf Fw190 is designed for aggressive flying and admirable ability. It has a brushless motor and ESC for power and speed. Retractable landing gear to make it more aerodynamic. And flaps as well as ailerons for the maximum in maneuverability and control.

Wingspan: 44.5 in (1130 mm)
Stock #: FLZA4312

See the video Fact Sheet

Gee Bee

Tx-R Prime

Gee Bee by ElectriFly

Unmistakable looks — outstanding performance.

Designed by the Granville Brothers in the 1930s, the Gee Bee’s shape was intended to accommodate the Pratt & Whitney R-1340, the largest and most powerful engine of its day. With AeroCell foam construction and a brushless power system, this replica of the famous pylon racer can be turning heads and drawing attention at the field within minutes.

Wingspan: 38.5 in (980 mm)
Stock #: GPMA6022

See the video

Cessna 350 Corvalis® BrushlessSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

Cessna 350 Corvalis® by Flyzone

Fly in high style!

Don’t let the authentic trim, a detailed interior and LED landing lights fool you into thinking that this is simply a licensed scale replica. The Corvalis is no-nonsense practical when it comes to performance. A brushless motor and ESC offer premium power. Flaps give it the power for shorter takeoffs and slower touchdowns — and a steerable, shock-absorbing nosewheel provide more precise control during both.

Wingspan: 57 in (1450 mm)
Stock #: FLZA4302

See the video Fact Sheet

Piper® Super Cub BrushlessSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

Piper Super Cub Brushless by Flyzone

Classic Cub looks.

Times change, but the classics endure — and the Super Cub has qualified as a bona-fide classic for over three generations now. Pilots love it for its solid, stable handling. And everyone recognizes it for its simple silhouette, signature color and tiny “Cub” marking on the tail. This version combines classic looks with brushless power for sport flying at is best.

Wingspan: 48 in (1220 mm)
Stock #: FLZA4012

See the video Fact Sheet

Cessna® 182 Skylane® BrushlessSelect Scale™ Tx-R™ Transmitter Ready

Cessna® 182 Skylane® by Flyzone

Classic style meets brushless performance!

You can buy it for its looks or for the way it flies — and get an easy-to-assemble bargain either way. Installed LED landing lights, tinted windows and corrugated control surfaces add real-life detail to a Cessna-style trim scheme. And like the Corvalis, its brushless power, working flaps and a steerable nosewheel with shock absorber give you performance to match the appearance.

Wingspan: 47.5 in (1205 mm))
Stock #: FLZA4002

See the video Fact Sheet

Tx-R Helicopters

Sport helis, quadcopters, scale replicas, military classics — there are Tx-R versions for every pilot’s taste and skill, including versions with brushless motors, LED lights, fine scale details and video cameras.


All Tx-R helis include:

• Factory-assembled and finished heli
• Installed motor, ESC, SLT receiver & servos
• LiPo battery
• LiPo charger
All require: SLT transmitter or AnyLink2 & compatible transmitter

Axe 100 CX

Axe 100 CX by Heli-Max

No experience? No problem!

To fly the Axe 100 CX, all you really need is to own one. You can successfully pilot this helicopter even if it's your very first R/C model. You'll enjoy confidence-boosting stability from its coaxial rotor head design, plus impressive crash-resistance that comes to your rescue during any unexpected "oops".

Rotor Diameter: 7.4 in (190 mm)
Stock #:

Fact Sheet


EC145 by Heli-Max

Fly like a V.I.P.

One look at this exceptional machine will have you wanting to fly it — and its smooth, stable performance will have you flying with confidence. Comes with a LiPo flight battery and charger, so you're just minutes away from piloting this well-appointed machine!

Rotor Diameter: 9.6 in (245 mm)
Stock #:

See the video Fact Sheet

1SQ V-Cam

1SQ V-Cam by Heli-Max

Includes on-board camera — record video with the push of a button!

The 1SQ V-Cam adds several new twists to compact quadcopter flying fun. Its built-in digital camera lets you shoot aerial videos, with transmitter-activated ON and OFF. An LED illuminates each motor pod for exciting maneuvers after dark. And its TAGS-FX Sensor Fusion stabilization system corrects drift as well as unwanted movement in yaw, pitch and roll.

Diagonal Dimension: 4.8 in (123 mm)
Stock #:

See the video Fact Sheet


BLACK HAWK by Heli-Max

Command the flying field!

From the rotors to the rubber tires, our bird is the spitting image of the Sikorsky UH-60 BLACK HAWK. A collective pitch rotor head and variable pitch tail rotor let our model perform aerobatics that would get you kicked out of helicopter flight school!

Rotor Diameter: 12.8 in (325 mm)
Stock #:

See the video Fact Sheet

Axe 100 SS

Axe 100 SS by Heli-Max

Brushless power for 3D aerobatics!

This is not the same Axe 100 CP that pilots already know. It's the Axe 100 SS (Super Sport Brushless), the one that everyone will be flying in the future. It retains the flybarless collective-pitch head design and TAGS three-axis gyro of the CP, but adds a brushless power system and an extended tail boom for achieving 3D mastery.

Rotor Diameter: 9.5 in (242 mm)
Stock #:

See the video Fact Sheet

Axe 100 SSL

Axe 100 SSL by Heli-Max

Brushless power and LED lights!

Brushless power is just one thing that makes the Axe 100 SSL (Super Sport Brushless LED) stand out in a crowd. The others are high-intensity LEDs in the main blades and tail. They're so bright that they're easy to see even in full daylight, and color-keyed to keep you constantly aware of the Axe 100 SSL's position and orientation.

Rotor Diameter: 9.5 in (242 mm)
Stock #:

See the video Fact Sheet

1SQ Quadcopter

1SQ Quadcopter by Heli-Max

Palm-sized quad rotor flying fun!

Experience quad rotor flying fun in the palm of your hand! The 1SQ is unlike any other quadcopter — and not just because of its compact size. A TAGS 3-axis gyro system, combined with 4 independently controlled rotor blades, makes this machine so stable anyone can fly it.

Diagonal Dimension: 4.8 in (123 mm)
Stock #:

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